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Local Area Points of Interest


6th Street : It would have better been known as Seventh Symphony or pulsating street. Irrespective of your age, you can't escape the magic and grandiose of monumental buildings of early 19th century now housing various cafes, restaurants and shops that will surely take you to your teens. One of Austin's best local attractions it is just waiting to whet your appetite, both for food and music. The mellifluous tunes of latest and classical music (we recommend punk or jazz) and aromas of variety of foods emanating from these eateries (we recommend Cajun cooking or deli) will mesmerize you. Foot tapping music, tattoos, latest clothing lines and cosmetics make 6th street a major attractions for all tourists.

Texas State Capital : A rare monument which makes every American proud : Texas State Capitol. Since Texas Independence Day on the March 2nd, 1885, the foundation was laid for this giant of a building. This monument has been mute witness to the many ups and downs of Texas and it is now used as the seat of Texas state legislature. This historical monument, besides preserving the proud past, also symbolizes human dignity in its highest form.

Surrounded by the downtown commercial district on one side and the Colorado River on the other, its illuminated dome is visible from the farthest vantage point anywhere in Austin, as it is against law to obstruct its view. Beyond just being a tourist attractions, every visitor pays tribute to the human values and the American way of life which is symbolized by the dome and cherished by one and all.

The Alamo : Mission San Antonio de Valero today known as the Alamo is a historical Church standing in the middle of the city of San Antonio. It was built in seventeenth century to be utilized in the preaching of the true principles of life. Its main role, however, was to emerge in February - March 1836,witnessing the struggle of peace loving Texans against the self-appointed tyrant Santa Anna of Mexico who wanted to spread his wings in whole of Texas. It stood shelter for hundreds of rebels who courageously fought the tyrannical rule till death from the Alamo's foyer. The fall of Alamo spread like wildfire and inspired others Texans to join the Houston Army. There, under the able Sergeant Sam Houston, a counter attack took place at San Jacinto near Houston resulting in the downfall of the forces of Santa Anna and the state of Texas was born.

River Walk: Like every civilization, development in San Antonio, Texas has taken place mainly due to the San Antonio River. Nurturing and cultivating the area, it has become a major tourist attractions. Its sweeping landscape is enough to send anyone into a tizzy. The eateries and wayside shopping areas on its banks are enough to elate your mood and energy.


Cabela's Buda : An Imposing structure covering 185,000 square feet of shopping area; Cabela’s is situated between San Antonio and Austin. For visitors and shoppers, it's an experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen. It's carefully constructed theme areas exhibiting realistic recreations of animals, trophy animals, and vast aquariums will leave you asking for more. Your visit to Austin would not be complete untill you have visited Cabela's Buda.

Historic Main Street : This area can as well be called the Treasure Street. The shops and business houses in this area are vying with each other to offer you the rarest of rare antique souvenirs. It is the first and last resort for connoisseurs of the golden past.

San Marcos

Aquarena Springs : The Meadows Center in Aquarena Springs is a community center of which every human being will feel proud to be associated with. It is dedicated to educating people about the importance of water. Balcones Fault, the fractured crust of earth, is an ideal place for the springs as it attracts water from areas nearby and discharges about 200 million gallons of water daily. It is also a last resort for the endangered species that are on the verge of extinction due ever increasing demands of human beings. These aquatic habitats require special conditions for survival such as 72 Degree temperature and lime stone cleansed water that are specially maintained here. Truly, this center is a real learning experience to those who want to understand nature and the repercussions that stem from human interference.

San Marcos Outlet Malls : The San Marcos Outlet Malls is divided into two sections - the Prime Outlets sitting on the Northern side and the Tanger Outlet sitting on the Southern side. It is home to hundreds of outlets with variety of products on display. It will leave you wishing you could stay longer so that you can have a chance to see all that it has to offer.

New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn : As Aquarena Springs teaches you about preservation of water, Schlitterbahn shows you how to enjoy it. Situated on a 70 mile stretch and divided into two separate properties, it is segmented into six sections and further divided into four categories according to the depth of water you can handle. These range from a shallow float on the Comal River, rough rides in high tide waves amidst dark chutes and thrilling falls.

Gruene: This small and sleepy town was founded in a cotton field in 1872. Bought by Henry Gruene and his family, it was declared a Historic town by the State of Texas. The house built by Gruenes is heavily influenced by English architectural designs. Named Gruene Mansion Inn, its galleries remind us of Victorian era design. This ancestral monument is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. A must view for every visitor of Austin; one can't escape the serenity and greenery it offers.